Do you want to become a certified risk manager and professional in the financial industry?


Come to the FRM Certification preparation courses at the AIFC Bureau. And if you are not familiar with FRM, then we conduct special courses “Pre-FRM”, where we explain what it is.

FRM is the most prestigious certification of risk management financial professionals.

What knowledge you will get on the course:

  • Fundamentals of financial risk management.
  • Quantitative analysis (mathematics and statistics).
  • Market risk.
  • Credit risk
  • Operational risk.
  • Risk management in investment management.
  • Risk modeling.
  • Current problems of financial markets

Why it is worth going to study at the AIFC Bureau:

The AIFC Bureau is the official provider approved by the Global Assisociation of Risk Professionals (GARP)

Dates: August 10 - November 2019
Cities: Nur-Sultan and Almaty
Certification consists of two parts:
Part 1 - 100 hours - 220 000 tg;
Part 2 - 40 hours - 125 000 tg (expenses for the exam are not included).

The uniqueness of the course is that the Office provides certified trainers (FRM certified) and “conditional grants” (full reimbursement of expenses) for successfully passing the exam, as well as the percentage of successful passing the exam for our graduates higher than GARP indicators worldwide

To participate in the FRM preparation course, please register at:

If you want to complete the Pre-FRM course first, please fill in the application form at the link:
The goal of the course is to prepare candidates for basic FRM courses. During training, you will receive a basic knowledge of risk management and its tools.
The course is free and lasts 16 hours for 4 days.

Become an FRM Certified with the AIFC Bureau!

For more information contact:
Nur-Sultan, 8 708 618 29 86,
Almaty, 8 708 226 54 45,