Global HR trends in the AIFC Bureau


Global HR trends in the AIFC Bureau

On February 6, a competence center was held with the participation of HR-services of Baiterek National Holding and subsidiaries, as invited guests were Valery Oprya, consultant at Umbrella Training and Consulting (UTC) and Dana Dzhakupova, managing partner of TALANTIZ, professional in the sphere of effective management and organizational development of HR with over 15 years of experience.

At the meeting, participants discussed “Global HR trends”, such as: digitalization, new types of labor relations, and ways to assess employee performance. Asiya Karibay, Head of BCPD HR Nerve Centre, told about the activities of the Bureau, the sector of continuing professional development and career opportunities. Moldir Manatova, supervisor of professional programs, presented training courses for international certifications from HRCI.

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