guest lecture by Simon Osborne


AIFC Bureau for CPD has organized the guest lecture by Simon Osborne, Chief Executive and a Fellow of ICSA: The Governance Institute at Nazarbayev University on December 7. The topic of discussion was "Technological innovation and the implications for good governance." The expert shared his ideas on the governance of the future, skills required for executives and managers, human rights and private data, challenges face by emerging governance. According to speaker, “There is a need need for “explorers” i.e. creative, strategic and lateral thinkers with emotional intelligence and strong social skills.” ICSA members are recognized as first class governance professionals who are brought into the decision-making processes at the highest level of their organizations.

Mr. Osborne gave piece of advice that included:
- Knowing your blind spots
- Making time to play
- Being trustworthy
- Believing in your ability to change
- Make learning a priority

In the AIFC Bureau for CPD, we also make life-long learning a priority as we strive to provide opportunities for continuing professional development.

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