meeting with the CFA Institute China


The AIFC held an official meeting with the CFA Institute China delegation on October 17-18 in Astana. Chinese branch is one of the largest CFA associations worldwide. The purpose of their visit was building partnership with the AIFC and prospects of organizing joint conference for investors «CFA Global Investment Summit» in September 2019 in Astana. According to L J Jia, Country Head of CFA China, “Astana was selected as part of a strategic partnership with the AIFC, as well as under the ‘One Belt One Road’ program for regional economic development. Astana is the most suitable city for such event, because there is a great potential for investors from around the world."


The three-day conference will focus on extending CFA standards in emerging markets, creating Digital Silk Road to strengthen economic ties, supporting sustainable development and attracting investors for the Belt Road Initiative. The AIFC Bureau actively supports all these initiatives and will continue to cooperate with CFA Institute China.