Event: AAOIFI CIPA Workshop
Date: 08.10.2018
Time: 09:00
Place: Emerald tower, 42 floor
About the event:

Date: Oct 8 – Oct 10, 2018  

Time: every day from 9.00 am till 5.30 pm

In the framework of Islamic Finance week, AIFC Bureau for CPD in partnership with AAOIFI will organize workshop on "Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA)" qualification. CIPA is the only internationally recognized qualification in accounting for Islamic financial institutions, catering to all banking, investments, and Takaful segments.

The CIPA program is intended towards development of, and enhancing of, industry’s human resource capabilities by developing experts for Islamic finance accounting and financial reporting, audits, and Shari’ah audits.

Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) is a Bahrain based not-for-profit organizationthat was established to maintain and promote Shariah standards for Islamic financial institutions, participants and the overall industry. 

Program details 

The AAOIFI CIPA Workshop in Astana will focus on module called ‘Shari’ah Standards and Shari’ah governance module’

Target participants: professionals, executives, as well as for students who are currently involved, are studying for, or have interest, in accounting, auditing, and finance, especially for the Islamic banking and financeindustry.

Day 1 : Monday, 8 October 2018

Session A 

Philosophical underpinnings of Islamic Finance

Why Islamic Finance?

The Prohibition of Riba – a multi perspective dialogue

Visualizing the ‘Full Version’ of Islamic Finance vs. the “Beta Version” of Islamic finance

2 hrs 30 mins


Introduction to AAOIFI—the standard setting organization for Islamic finance industry—and the Methodology of AAOIFI Standards

Why AAOIFI Standards to begin with?

30 mins

Session B

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 8: Murabaha to the Purchase Orderer

3 hours


Day 2 : Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Session A 

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 13: Mudarabah

4 hrs

Session B

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 23: Agency and the Act of an Uncommissioned Agent

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 46: Investment Agency

2 hrs


Day 3 : Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Session A 

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 31: Controls of Gharar in Financial Transactions

1 hr

Session B

AAOIFI Shariah Standard No. 26: Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

2 hrs 30 mins

Session C

AAOIFI Shari’ah Governance and Ethical Framework

2 hrs 30 mins

Requirements for Candidates

  • Basic knowledge of Islamic Finance
  • EnglishLevel - Upper Intermediate
  • Full day attendance on OCT 7-10 

Registration link - https://goo.gl/forms/xA1RPXNPMiayUIqM2

Registration is open until September 28

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