In order to make and maintain AIFC’s competitive edge as a financial center over the longer term, on the 29th of August 2016 with the Board of Directors of AIFC Authorities approval the AIFC Governor initiated the establishment of the Bureau for Continuing Professional Development AIFC as a structural unit within AIFC Authorities.



The Bureau’s role is to bring international standards, adopting best practices and developing skills based programs for local professional development segment via providing opportunities for professional development and raising competencies for local professionals in finance, investment and financial services sectors.



  1. Providing education and training opportunities for professionals of AIFC eco-system;
  2. Creating critical mass of internationally certified professionals in financial services and supporting sectors for AIFC participants and beyond;
  3. Developing and implementing professional qualification standards and continuing professional development programs for AIFC eco-system.
  4. Supporting AIFC’s entrepreneurship activities by introducing a start-up HR platform focused on outsourcing services for the global financial system;
  5. Providing educational content related to AIFC services for prospective retail and SME clients by creating effective Investment Literacy Programs;
  6. Contributing to the development of Kazakhstan’s professional education sector.




AIFC BCPD Training Centre

The Bureau identified up to 16 professional areas in which it plans to develop skills based on professional development program for different levels of seniority levels to then offer it to local professional community. Professional programs are dedicated to develop soft, hard and functional skills. Business communications, managerial coaching, time and project management are part of the Bureau’s soft skills program, International certifications such as CFA, ACCA, FRM, CISI, AAIOFI and others have been included as part of hard skills programs. The knowledge of specific programming languages, software and technologies are included in the Bureau’s function skills program.


AIFC BCPD Media Centre

The Media Centre represents the informational platform for an open dialogue and exchange of experience among market professionals, media and experts. We combine international expertise with local wisdom in order to create the relevant professional information space around AIFC Bureau’s activities.


AIFC BCPD Career Centre

The Career Centre of AIFC BCPD has set a target to build up the Bureau’s HR system for continued engagement with HR teams of the AIFC eco-system and beyond. The Career centre’s main responsibility is to create a reserve pool of 50 000 professionals, including the Bureau’s students, with subsequent job placement. The Career Centre provides outsourcing and outstaffing services for AIFC and AIFC participants.