Program overview

Be-A-Star internship program is designed for intelligent and enthusiastic Bachelor and Master students, that aims to provide opportunities for professional development in finance and investments through distant and project based learning and will result in a paid internship in Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) in Summer 2019.


Who are we looking for

Students and recent graduates who are self-motivated, open to challenges and are eager to learn new things in finance and investments.


Program details

Official program and internship language: English

Round I. Theoretical module. Candidates must independently study the offered materials, pass through the test.
Period: 15 October - 31 December 2018

Round II. Practical module. Candidates must submit a short advisory project, based on the requirements set.
Period: 1 January - 1 March 2019

Round III: Finance Camp in Astana*. For selected candidates only. Soft skills trainings and tests.
Period: Nauryz holidays

*Travel and accommodation expenses for Finance Camp in Astana will be covered for selected candidates.


Internship period: June -August 2019

Program duration: 6 month selection time + 3 months internship in AIFC

Program start: 15 October 2018



Current university students or recent graduates with less than 1 year of experience.

English language proficiency: intermediate or above

No certificates or test results are required.

All majors are welcomed. 


How to proceed

To register for the program please select the Route:

Legal Route C - for students studying on Law faculty and other related field and who want to apply for internship in AIFC Court and Law department. Deadline for Application 30 November 2018.

Note: All communication on Route C will be After November 30

Legal Route C content to study. Please start studying as soon as possible: 


Be-A-Star team recommends you to pay attention to the following acts

·         Regulations on AIFC Acts

·         AIFC Companies Regulations

·         AIFC Contract Regulations

·         AIFC Court Regulations 2017

·         AIFC Arbitration Regulations 2017


The form for registration




Creative Route:

Creative assignment for students from all other majors, except Law and related fields. Deadline for application November 16.

Follow the following steps:
1. Find or create your own challenging cases to solve on Financial, Accounting, HR, Legal, Islamic finance, Green finance, FinTech or Ethical/philosophical  professional topics and send them to us @ The more cases you will send (in one file please) the better! We will value your efforts!  Please send all cases in MS Word format.  
After you send the case fill the registration form, by the link 
THE DEADLINE for Creative route is 16 November,Time 23:59
Guidelines for cases content: 
1. No longer than 200 words
2. Realistic
3. English language
4. Practical
5. Involving NO complicated calculations
6. Challenging and fun to solve
7. Facilitating creative thinking
8. Don't forget about proper reference (No plagiarism please)
Note: All communication on Creative Route will be After November 18
And again LINK for registration: 
And again 2 reminders on Deadlines: Route C - November 30, time 23:59
Creative Route - 16 November,time 23:59


All registered participants will be informed on further actions and provided with the educational materials and guidance.